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Breaking the Chains is now online. What you see here are some previews of the AR work that will appear on the Breaking the Chains site permanently. Many of the AR works you see here will continue to be updated in the coming weeks.

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Adam Nicholson
Ann Marie Jackson
Albert Jackson
Anthony Banks
Anthony Burns
Emancipation Day
Emeline Shadd
Harriet Tubman
Henry and Mary Bibb
Henry Baylis
John Hedgeman
John Lindsay
John Tinsley
Levi Foster
Matthew Elliot
Mccurdy and Fitzbutler
Rev. Binga
Rev. Mitchell
Sam Hall
Solomon Moseby
Thornton and Lucy Blackburn
William Steward

1. You will need to download and print the marker below.
2. Make sure your webcam is plugged in and your volume is at a comfortable level.
3. Choose a profile on the left. Start the experience. You will need to click "Allow" so that your webcam to be used by Flash. You will not be recorded.
4. Hold the marker up to the webcam.

Download the Marker


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