Can I still purchase SnapDragonAR?

Due to problems with our authorization system, we are suspending the sale of SnapDragonAR indefinitely.

Is my copy of SnapDragonAR still supported?

We are doing our best to maintain existing copies of the software. We cannot support the transfer of licenses to new computers or operating systems.

Can I sell my published SnapDragonPlayARs with a Full version of SnapDragonAR?

No. SnapDragonPlayARs are meant to be freely distributed, without being modified, reverse engineered, or sold for profit. The player will run for 15 minutes before stopping. You may use this to share your work, display it in public, record and share videos created with the SnapDragonPlayAR and you may make and distribute an unlimited number of players.

Does SnapDragonAR work with 3D models?

No. SnapDragonAR is made specifically to work with quicktime videos and images so that users with no 3D modeling experience can create AR using files they already have. Please be aware that the full version does not accept 3D models either.

Can I load my SnapDragonAR experience to the web?

No, not exactly. SnapDragonAR or a SnapDragonPlayAR must be run on your machine, if you are interested in creating a web browser based experience check out this link or this link. Both of these are open source projects made with FLARToolkit for Flash and the code is made freely available to you under the GPL. You can host a Quicktime movie on the web, read in an RTSP stream, or read jpg's hosted online to your SnapDragonAR project. See "From the Web" in the SnapDragonAR Help file. Images hosted online are published to the SnapDragonPlayAR but the files themselves are not included so your audience will see the online files and it will not increase your SnapDragonPlayAR size.

Problems Authorizing?

Please confirm the following:

  1. Was the response ONLY used on the same machine that the authorization code was generated on?
  2. Did you run the installer while logged in as an administrator?
  3. Does your hard drive have the default name (Macintosh HD/)?
  4. Is the Application installed at Macintosh HD:/Application/SnapDragon/SnapDragonAR?

Hints for Smoother Playback?

When using multiple files, the right size and compression are important. Try compressing or re-exporting your movies as follows: mjpegA (system preferences> advanced> Show legacy encoders.) With streaming, less error correction turned on, 320X240 or 160x120, 12fps, audio with aac 24hz.

Problems with the Software?

Camera Doesn’t Work - Check ‘Settings...’>Source to see if your camera is recognized. You may need to restart SnapDragonAR after plugging in a camera. If your USB camera does not have Mac specific drivers you may need to install Macam or other 3rd party components.

Videos aren’t loading into Project anymore - SnapDragonAR looks for the absolute paths of your image files. If have moved your source image files you will have to open the project and re-add them.

Images Are Too Pixellated - Try the following: Run at High Quality (Camera Menu: 1024 x 768), or try changing the quality at which you are compressing your images or videos. Still images will always look more pixellated than videos due to the nature of the compression.

Playback is Slow - This is a processor intensive app. Try closing other applications. We recommend using high resolution playback on a Macbook Pro/Mac Pro. Integrated graphics cards will mean slower playback, see “Hints for Smoother Playback”.

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